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Staycation Design

Progressive Design is based around the idea that landscapes and outdoor living spaces are going to evolve over time.   From year to year we as homeowners plan and develop ideas to renew the beauty of our space for maintenance and overall appeal.   At Timeless, we understand this and offer a total design scheme for outdoor living that can be implemented over time.   Many times going the whole 9 yards is not set in the budget, however an elegant and usable retreat is something in our thoughts from the day we move into our homes.  

 What we have found is that many homeowners love the idea of developing a plan for a deck, patio, porch or garden area and installing it in phases.   This works wonderfully with the budget.   Also, the progressive design will allow the use of the initial phase immediately while giving us time to further develop or modify ideas about future phase installations.
  1. Are the later phases needed?
  2. Can the later phase design be modified?
  3. How much time can we prepare for the progressive plan to be implemented?

The answers to these questions are simple.   There is no time limit on phase integration.   The design most likely will be modified somewhat and once a homeowner uses the space for a season or two, the answer on whether the later phases are needed will come naturally.   The plan is to design the entire project with phase plans that will work together and allow for size, scope and layout modifications to follow without having to rework what has already been installed.   But of course you just might find that the initial phase plan was really all you ever needed.

The idea, developed by Designer Craig Mood, is a fun way to look at the entire picture of how you would like to see your yard (landscape & outdoor living space) with a master plan that may be budgeted incrementally.   The object would be a space that can be enjoyed immediately and an evolving plan that is integrated when time and budget allow.

  Hardscape Design Concept
    Timeless 2010


Design Variation

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Grill Station Concept

Pool Project Rendition

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Fairwood Sub Div

Pergola Fire Pit And Grill

Custom Design by C Mood

Shoreline Vinyl Rail with 1/4

Custom Timeless Installation

Timeless Contruction 2010

Natural Gas Fire Pit and Booth Seating

Build into a sloping yard

Booth Style Bench Seating

Timeless Hardscape

Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor Living room


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