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 Exotic Lumber

     When looking for alternative decking materials to pressure treated pine, there are a series of choices. Cellular PVC (Vinyl decking & Rail Systems) and composites are generally the choice for many people looking for the low to no maintenance option. For those with a taste for an "organic" wood deck, but are not interested in using traditional pt pine,  the types of materials choices becomes less understood.  Redwood and Ipe' have been used quite often in this region in the past.  These are wood choices that have negative impact on the environment because of the fact that they are non-sustainable wood sources.  Pacific Coast Redwood and Brazilian Iron Wood varieties are very slow growers and cannot be replenished in a reasonable timeframe. 
     There is a growing movement in the building industry toward a more responsible way of building using materials and practices that do not impact the environment in a negative way.  It is an evolving industry and one that ultimately will be forced to be completely responsible toward our fragile environment.

     Our search for sustainable and environmentally responsible building materials is an ongoing mission.  Recycled natural stone, permeable pavers, rainwater retention systems, native plants and FSC certified lumber products are a series of material choices an engineering systems readily available today.  One such material choice for decking is a tough as nails Iron Wood called Red Marenti.  Red Marenti is a Malaysian Mahogany that is a beautiful, sustainable and an extremely long lasting decking.

Sustainable Hardwood

      Mahogany has a unique appeal and offers long lasting beauty! With a rich history of durability and stability, Mahogany is the perfect product for many projects that seek a unique style and appearance. Scenic Red Mahogany is backed by the MTC, Malaysian Timber Council, to assure proper forestation. The standard name is Meranti, Dark Red/OBAR SULUK. The woodgrain is interlocked, thus providing durability and the texture is moderately course and even, providing good traction.

Exotic Lumber

The cost for a deck installation using Red Meranti and Clear Cedar is similar to using high end maintenance free materials that are common with Deck Installations performed by Timeless Construction.  Red Meranti Decks are a beautiful and natural alternative to pine and PVC decking that are simply gorgeous living spaces designed to last decades.

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